Emmerdale’s Nicola in hospital tragedy as she’s brutally attacked and mugged

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Nicole King will go through a terrifying ordeal in Emmerdale next week as Emmerdale spoilers lets loose on her painful encounter.

To ensure the two warring sisters end their council rivalry, Laurel Thomas takes Bernice Blackstock and Nicola out to a bar, but Nicola decides to head off early.

However when she returns to the car park, Nicola is soon accosted by a group of teenage girls who unexpectedly mug and beat her, leaving her bloodied and unmoving on the ground.

Later on a bruised Nicola is seen resting in a hospital bed while Jimmy King, Laurel, Bernice and her father Rodney anxiously wait for answers as to what might have happened.

When a groggy Nicola finally wakes up, Jimmy questions her on the attack but Nicola refuses to tell Jimmy the truth saying she can’t remember who beat her up, embarrassed to have been attacked by teenage girls.

Not so long after, a disturbed Gabby reveals a video she’s discovered of Nicola’s attack by a group of young girls at the car park which leaves her distressed and confused.

Jimmy is heartbroken for Nicola, when he realises she was too embarrassed to speak to him about attack by the young teen girls.

Although she was afraid to talk to Jimmy about her misfortune initially, Nicola recounts the details of her attack to policewoman Harriet Finch but she begins to worry her attackers will know her address since they stole her driving licence.

A devastated Nicola also has concerns about the criminals coming to her home and attacking her children.

As she finally opens up on her terrifying ordeal, Nicola also shares how she thought she was going to die and Jimmy is dismayed to see his wife so broken.

Will Nicola be able to get over the traumatic attack or will it continue to haunt her?

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