ITV Coronation Street fans in tears as Paul receives devastating news amid MND battle

Coronation Street viewers were left in tears on Friday’s visit to the cobbles, when fan favourite Paul Foreman received a devastating piece of news amid his ongoing battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

As regular viewers will know, Paul was diagnosed with the incurable degenerative disease earlier this year and has seen a rapid decline in his condition in recent weeks, which even lead to him no longer being able to walk and requiring a wheelchair to get around.

Despite this new change, Paul continued to make the most of his life, and in the episode attended an appointment with his speech therapist with high hopes of adapting to his changing needs.

However, during the appointment, Paul revealed he had suffered two serious coughing fits in the day prior, prompting immediate concern from the speech therapist, who referred him immediately for further tests with his MND nurse.

Following these tests, Paul was later handed an SR1 form by his nurse to help speed up his recent claim for PIP and help him to buy the equipment he needed such as an adapted bed.

However while his mum Bernie was delighted by the news, it served as a crushing blow to Paul, when he realised it was a form that indicated he wasn’t expected to live for longer than six months and could have his claim fast-tracked.

Devastated by the new development, Paul, Bernie and Paul’s husband Billy struggled to come to terms with the minimal time Paul still had left – and fans at home didn’t fare much better either.

“It breaks you to see the MND story moving so fast, but it gives you an idea of how this disease gives limited time,” wrote one fan, before continuing: “From diagnosis to the heartbreak goes so fast. So, don’t leave things for tomorrow, do them today.”

Another fan commented: “Poor Paul. If only someone could give him a magic cure.”

Before a third fan added: “Noooo. Poor Paul. I’m not ready for him to die,” alongside a string of crying emojis.

A fourth then weighed in by writing: “Oh no, so sad. What a tragic storyline,” before a fifth added: “Devastating for poor Paul and Billy.”

Despite the heartbreaking news, there was still some levity to be found in the episode, when Paul and Billy decided to make the most of their remaining time together by sharing a bath, only for Paul to get stuck and Billy to throw his back out while trying to help him out of the tub!

In hilarious scenes, the pair then had to phone for help from Todd Grimshaw, and Ed Bailey to come and rescue them.

Fans were delighted by the welcome dose of joy, as they commented: “That scene with Paul, Todd, Billy and Ed was brilliant! I was laughing so much!”

A second also agreed: “Definitely needed that scene after Paul’s mood. Had to laugh to keep from crying.”

Coronation Street continues Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV and ITVX

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