Neighbours’ Hannah Martin actor Rebecca Ritters now – from Coronation Street to war reporter

Rebecca Ritters, known for her role as Hannah Martin on the Australian soap opera Neighbours, has undergone a remarkable transformation since her days on Ramsay Street.

Now a 39 year old bilingual news anchor, she presents news on German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

In her Neighbours days, Rebecca was recognized for her frizzy hair and her portrayal of Hannah Martin, the daughter of Philip and Julie Martin and the younger sister to Michael and Debbie.

Hannah Martin made her debut in the fictional town of Erinsborough in 1992 when her family arrived for Todd Landers' funeral on the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

During her time on the show, she faced a series of dramatic and challenging storylines, from a foiled abduction, to the deaths of her grandad Jim Robinson and her mother Julie.

However, her current professional look is a far cry from her schoolgirl character. She now wears glasses and reports on significant global events, such as the war in Ukraine.

Recently, Rebecca shared a throwback photo from a 1990s magazine featuring her as Hannah Martin on Neighbours. She humorously commented on the unflattering fashion of the '90s in her Instagram post, noting that her parents looked cute in the photo.

“Someone sent me this blast from the past on Twitter,” she posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of the magazine.

“Why were the 90s so unkind? Mum and dad looking cute, though.”

Fans of Neighbours reminisced about Rebecca’s role in the show, with some sharing their fond memories and mentioning having posters of her on their bedroom walls.

One fan commented: “This is so glorious. Most of us can hide from our past. Bless you. Hannah 4 evs xx.”

Another added: “You were mentioned during the Celebration Tour in Newcastle, U.K. a few nights back. The cast all commented on what a superb young actress you were.”

A third reminisced: “I had a big crush on you back in the day.”

Rebecca began her career on Neighbours at the age of eight and remained on the show for seven years. She made a brief cameo return in 2005 for the show's 20th anniversary.

Following her stint on the Australian soap she continued her acting career in the UK, including touring with the British Shakespeare Company as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and appearing in the soap opera Coronation Street in July 2002 as Jules Robinson. She and her backpacking friend Kerry Fletcher were taken in at 5 Coronation Street for a few days by Les Battersby.

Following a period where she explored a modelling career, Rebecca eventually pursued higher education, earning a degree in politics in 2011.

She then transitioned into a career as a news anchor and journalist, with her recent work focusing on reporting about the Ukraine war, including her travels to the Mykolaiv region, which she documented on social media.

A regular face on DW News, Rebecca has been anchoring international and breaking news around-the-clock since 2018.

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