Neighbours Melanie in danger as Reeces revenge sealed amid Krista bombshell

Neighbours regular Melanie Pearson's (Lucinda Cowden) return to Ramsay Street could be short lived.

After months of speculation, The Amazon Freevee soap has revealed the truth behind Melanie's Erinsborough exit. The conundrum had been bothering viewers ever since the long-running soap returned to screens in September with the timeline of the new season set two years after the events of the "finale".

Melanie allegedly left due to claims of not being cut out to be a step-mum, though recent weeks have confirmed that there was much more to this tale than meets the eye. The week of flashback episodes took fans back two years as Mel detailed how she crossed paths with Krista Sinclair, an old friend of her’s who also happens to be Reece’ Sinclair's (Mischa Barton) half sister.

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Mel explained that Krista put her in a sticky situation which saw the beloved Neighbours legend end up getting caught on CCTV when trying to rescue the Sinclair sibling from a dodgy drugs deal. The situation came to a head when Melanie confronted a drugged up Krista on Lassiters’ rooftop bar about a year ago, ordering her to stay away.

With emotions running high, Mel pushed Krista, who fell into the pool and banged her head. Mel was devastated by what had transpired and did her utmost to save her but it was no use, with Krista failing to regain consciousness.

Desperate for help, she raced to the elevator and pleaded with Paul to call the police. Paul, however, when he got to the rooftop, there was no sign of Krista. Only Eden, who claimed he’d got rid of the body and wanted to make a deal, agreeing to keep quiet in exchange for half a million in cash.

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Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent "creative" tools Bard AI to see if Reece will get revenge on Melanie when she finally discovers about her missing sister's whereabouts.

The program responded: "There are some clues that suggest that revenge may be on the cards. It is possible that Reece will act on her anger and try to get revenge on Melanie. However, it is also possible that she will find a way to forgive and move on with her life. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to seek revenge is up to Reece.

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"The writers of Neighbours are known for their dramatic storylines, so it is certainly possible that there will be a revenge plot involving Reece and Melanie. However, it is also possible that the writers will take a different approach to the storyline."

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