Silent witness season 25, episode 6 cast: Who is in the series?

Silent Witness: Nikki Alexander performs an autopsy

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BBC drama Silent Witness draws to a close this evening (June 7) with the 25th anniversary celebrations wrapping on the show. The Lyell team will finally get to the bottom of this prolonged case, which has seen the crime series break from its usual format of two-part stories to tell a giant six-episode tale. takes a look at the cast of the show.

Season 25 saw Amanda Burton reprising her role as former Lyell forensics specialist Sam Ryan and reaching out to her successor Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) for her expertise.

Over the course of the series, both women have been keeping secrets with the truth expected to finally come to light this evening.

There have been questions about the character of Tom Faulkner (Matthew Gravelle) as well as whether Sam has something to hide from the Lyell.

Speaking about the future of the popular BBC drama, Silent Witness producer Nick Lambon said: “I don’t know whether you’ll still be able to tell a story over two hours if there’s a special computer that can solve the mystery in five minutes.

“But I can’t see a reason why the show itself wouldn’t keep going. After all, it’s still getting huge audiences.

“Whether I’ll still be doing the job in 25 years is another matter. Having said that, my diary is free in 2047! I haven’t taken a job for that year yet!”

Lambon said the show’s continued success was down to the “extraordinary flexibility” of the writers and producers to shape the show, adding each instalment was “very varied and very different”.

He explained: “A lot of crime shows feel very formulaic. But if you watch any two episodes of Silent Witness back-to-back, you can’t believe they’re from the same series. I think that’s very clever.” 

Who is in the cast of Silent Witness season 25, episode 6?

Dr Nikki Alexander – Emilia Fox

Fox will be again leading as Dr Nikki with the team come close to cracking the case.

The British actress’ biggest roles aside from Silent Witness include The Casual Vacancy, The Trial of Christine Keeler, The Pianist, and The Tunnel.

Sam Ryan – Amanda Burton

Burton gives a final turn as Sam for the show’s 25th anniversary with the star previously confirming she wouldn’t be coming back to Silent Witness after this.

She has featured in an array of projects after departing the show back in 2004, such as Waterloo Road, Midsomer Murders, and the Commander TV movie series.

Jack Hodgson – David Caves

David Caves takes on Jack Hodgson with viewers wondering whether a fully-fledged romance will be on the cards with Dr Nikki.

Caves was a seasoned theatre actor before landing Silent Witness, but he also has some screen credits to his name including 15 Days, Ironclad: Battle for Blood and Paddy.

Simone Tyler – Genesis Lynea

Genesis Lynea completes the Lyell team as Simone Tyler, assisting Jack and Dr Nikki.

The Silent Witness relative newcomer has featured in The Baby, Sky’s fantasy drama A Discovery of Witches, and Shadow and Bone on Netflix.

DSI Ronnie Boyle – Ian Puleston-Davies

Ian Puleston-Davies portrays DSI Ronnie Boyle who will be hoping to wrap up the case as well. The actor has appeared in D.I. Ray, Tin Star, Marcella and Pennyworth.

Tom Faulkner – Matthew Gravelle

Taking on the enigmatic Tom is Matthew Gravelle, who has previously starred in Broadchurch and Keeping Faith, along with Carnival Row and The Accident.

Jomo Mashaba – Hugh Quarshie

Veteran star Hugh Quarshie gives a turn as Jomo Mashaba following on from performances in Vera, Doctor Who, Holby City, and Breeders, among other projects.

Across the series, Silent Witness season 25 has also starred David Leon, Shireen Farkhoy, Lloyd Everitt, Gina Bramhill, Emma Beattie, Gaia Wise, and Diana Bermudez.

Silent Witness airs on BBC One tonight at 9pm

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