The Good Doctor fans beg ABC not to axe spin-off drama Good Lawyer

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Shaun (played by Freddie Highmore) had to enlist the help of attorney Joni (Kennedy McMann) in the latest episode of The Good Doctor as fans ready themselves for the hotly-anticipated spin-off The Good Lawyer. After Shaun was being sued for malpractice for his part in a patient’s hand amputation, Joni was on hand with her legal expertise – but did their chemistry and the show’s storyline get the spin-off off to a good start?

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A number of ABC viewers certainly think so with several taking to the web after the backdoor pilot to praise McMann, Highmore and the episode as a whole. 

However, fans have expressed their hopes that The Good Lawyer is indeed given a chance as its own standalone series in the wake of some of the USA’s biggest shows announcing their conclusions.

On ABC alone, The Goldbergs is coming to a close while the straight-to-series order for fellow new show Avalon was scrapped.

But fans have high hopes for The Good Lawyer, with Chester Field praising on Twitter: “I watched @GoodDoctorABC. The episode #TheGoodLawyer was fantastic.”

While @msgudcandy69 expressed: “Sooo I just watched #TheGoodDoctor and I’m here for the spinoff #TheGoodLawyer.

“Please please please #ABC pick this up I mean we need a good lawyer show after #thegoodwife & #theGoodFight are gone.”

Elsewhere, Gabriel Gonzalez said: “Loved @GoodDoctorABC tonight! The kind of episode that reminds you why you love the show in the first place. Can’t wait for more @kennedymcmann and #TheGoodLawyer!”

And Liz Torrez also shared their excitement: “This was such a good episode. I hope there is a spin-off #thegoodlawyer.”

Fellow Twitter user @Mathwiz277 begged: “I want #TheGoodLawyer to be picked up immediately to series please.”

While Amber Nichols echoed: “Yes!!! #TheGoodLawyer is the perfect spin-off to our beloved #TheGoodDoctor. 

“Enjoyed every second of tonight’s episode and I want more,” they added. (Sic)

The Good Lawyer is yet to receive a release date of its own but Joni’s introduction appears to have already earned her a passionate fanbase.

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Shaun decided the inexperienced researcher from Franklin, Maxwell & Associates should be the one to represent him due to her unique “understanding” of Shaun’s situation.

Joni lives with crippling OCD and has to abide by a series of rituals in order to work effectively.

These include tapping her finger three times and desperately avoiding distractions. 

Shaun said Joni’s condition consisted of “repetitive, intrusive thoughts that cause excessive anxiety, which she manages with ritual behaviour.”

If Joni doesn’t adhere to said rituals, a voice manifests itself in her head which says bad things will ensue.

Shaun himself lives with autism spectrum disorder which means he too can struggle with day-to-day interactions and work commitments.

Together, the duo made quite the team to endear themselves to ABC viewers and judging by the reception, fans will be hoping there’ll be plenty more screen time for the two going forward.

The Good Doctor season 6 continues Mondays on ABC in the USA and Tuesdays on Sky Witness and NOW in the UK.

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