The Simpsons kills off legendary character as shock murder spree rocks Springfield | The Sun

A MAJOR Simpsons character got killed off as Lisa turned into a murderer for the latest Halloween episode.

There has been a huge shake-up in the beloved Channel 4 animated sitcom, which saw a well-known character killed off last week.

Sideshow Bob, voiced by Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, has been an iconic character on The Simpsons and for years has tried, but failed, to kill the troublesome Bart Simpson.

Since 1990, after a foiled plot by the actor to frame Krusty the Klown backfired with the help of Bart, Bob has been on a cat-and-mouse chase with Homer and Marge’s only son.

After helping capture Bob and putting him behind bars, the conniving redhead has vowed to kill Bart, taking aim at both him and his loved ones at any chance he gets, going as far as nearly killing his aunt Selma.

Now, in a new spooky Halloween episode titled Treehouse of Horror, Bart’s sister Lisa finally puts an end to Sideshow Bob's devious ways by killing him.

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During the episode, Robert Terwilliger, aka Bob, managed to successfully get hold of Bart, which resulted in him being caught and thrown in Jail.

A now grown-up, Lisa, who has become a true crime expert and is involved in the crime business, hires Bob to help her solve crime cases by getting into the mind of a murderer. 

later in the episode, it is revealed that Lisa has a split personality, which leads to her more evil and vengeful side that ends up killing Bob.

Show viewers took to social media and celebrated the timely demise of the long-time villain as one fan who watched the episode penned: "The strongest part was Lisa and Sideshow Bob."

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A second echoed: "I knew Lisa was going to kill Sideshow Bob."

Another added: "Omg, evil Lisa is so good – she is more scary than Sideshow Bob."

The Simpsons celebrated Halloween with three short stories in one episode called Treehouse of Horror.

Often, the spooky season episodes are parodies and spoofs of well-known horror and thriller films, with The Shining, House of Wax and The Twilight Zone, to name a few.

Treehouse of Horror has been produced by the show every Halloween since the second of the show, which aired back in 1990. 

The iconic Treehouse of Horror episodes have become very popular among fans throughout the years.

Many viewers will know that the Halloween episodes are not canonical, and as a result, Sideshow Bob will likely be back in Springfields very soon, chasing and terrorising the residents, especially the Simpsons.

The Simpsons airs every weekday at 6pm on Channel 4 and is available to stream on Disney+.

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