'Doctors called to Putin amid coughing fit ahead of TV address'

‘Doctors were called to Putin who suffered coughing fit amid chaotic scenes behind TV address threatening to deploy nukes, which saw three key figures including economic chief threaten to quit’

  • Putin allegedly had to re-record his doomsday TV address multiple times
  • Kremlin rumours say he suffered from coughing fits and chest pains
  • His mobilisation move has angered Kremlin officials, including bank chief 

Doctors were called to Putin’s aid amid behind the scenes chaos as he prepared to issue his doomsday nuclear threats in a national broadcast, Kremlin rumours have claimed.

The Russian tyrant allegedly suffered coughing fits and chest pains in the lead-up to his TV address, which was delayed for 13 hours, in which he ordered a ‘partial military mobilisation’ and warned he is ‘not bluffing’ over nuclear weapons.

The General SVR Telegram channel, believed to be run by a former Kremlin insider which had predicted the mobilisation move, said Putin’s speech had to be re-recorded multiple times because of his ill health.

They also claimed that three key figures threatened to resign over the president’s dramatic escalation, including the respected Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian central bank who has kept the economy afloat amid Western sanctions.

Doctors were called to Putin’s aid amid behind the scenes chaos as he prepared to issue his doomsday nuclear threats, it has been claimed 

Three key figures allegedly threatened to resign over the president’s dramatic escalation, including the respected Elvira Nabiullina (pictured)

The Telegram channel said: ‘Shutting himself down to write the text of the appeal, Putin lingered by the time the recording began.

‘When the president came out and preparations for filming began, he began to cough frequently.

‘Several attempts to start recording an appeal were frustrated due to coughing.

‘After the fourth unsuccessful attempt to record an appeal, doctors were called to the president, to whom Putin also complained of chest pains.

‘The doctors advised to postpone the shooting and leave with them for examination, which was done.

‘There is an opinion of people from the president’s inner circle that Putin feigned a health problem in order to reschedule filming and rethink his decision-making.

 Putin vowed that he will use ‘all available means’ to defend what he sees as Russian territory, adding: ‘I’m not bluffing’ (pictured, a Russian nuclear test)

Putin was informed of the unrest in the Kremlin by his security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev (pictured), General SVR said

‘People close to the president know his pathological indecision and uncertainty in making decisions, especially key ones.’

In his speech, Putin announced that reservists, numbering 25million, will be banned from fleeing Russia, in a move which deeply shocked many loyalist officials.

One account said: ‘Putin was informed about the unrest in the elites and “quiet panic” in most of the establishment’ over his mobilitation move.

His top political and security officials reportedly ‘met the president’s decision without enthusiasm’.

Putin was informed of this by his security council secretary Nikolai Patrushev, General SVR said.

The Russian tyrant will now privately confront Nabiullina – who would be a major loss if she quit – it was claimed.

Defence minister Sergei Shoigu looked weak and ill as he announced 300,000 reservists will be called up

Putin attempted to revise history in his address, claiming the West was using Ukrainians as cannon fodder despite his military striking civilian targets (pictured)

Russian markets dive and searches for plane tickets spike as Putin escalates Ukraine war

The rouble tumbled against the dollar on Wednesday and Russian stock markets dived around 10 per cent after Putin ordered Russia’s first military mobilisation since World War Two.

Google data also showed a spike in searches for flights out of the country amid claims the cost of one-way tickets had soared, suggesting spooked citizens were looking for ways to flee the draft.

Putin said he had signed a decree on partial mobilisation, significantly escalating what Russia calls its ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, and warned that Moscow would respond with the might of all its vast arsenal if the West continued with what he called its ‘nuclear blackmail’.

Shortly after 7am in London, the rouble had slumped 2.6 per cent against the dollar, having earlier dipped to its weakest point since July 7.

Russian stock indexes were plunging, with energy giants Rosneft and Gazprom at one point losing around 12 per cent.

The benchmark rouble-based MOEX index hit its lowest point since Feb. 24, the day Russia sent tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine.

The index was down 5.5% at 2,094.5 points, earlier reaching a low of 2,002.73 points. The dollar-denominated RTS index was down 8% to 1,061.9 points, its lowest point since April 27.

Two other top officials who reportedly threatened to resign were not named.

Putin indicated ‘that he would make a decision after personal communication’.

The channel said Putin would impose martial law soon near the border with Ukraine.

‘The terminally ill Putin has an overwhelming desire to take millions of people to the grave with him,’ it posted

‘Today Putin has brought war into every Russian’s home.’

Bus tickets out of the country were sold out today – as the Moscow stock market plunged.

Defence minister Sergei Shoigu looked weak and ill as he announced 300,000 reservists will be called up.

He also gave what will be widely seen as fictitious statistics on Russia’s war dead at 5,937 – ten times fewer than many conservative expert estimates.

The palpably bogus figure was even disputed today by uber-loyalist Russian pro-war bloggers.

It would mean Russia had lost only 4,586 troops since the end of March when Shoigu’s ministry reported a 1,351 death toll.

One source dismissed the death toll claimed as ‘a terrible lie to the Russian people’.

Shoigu – widely reported to have been sidelined from key military decisions by Putin – said on Russian state TV: ‘Our losses are 5,937 people.

‘And I can’t praise our guys who carry their duty strongly enough. Thanks to our medics, more than 90 per cent of the wounded got back to duty…

‘We have a huge mobilisation resource.

‘Those who already served and have relevant experience and profession, we have nearly 25million of them.

‘So this partial mobilisation takes 1 or 1.1 per cent of the overall mobilisation reserve…

‘The entire…frontline is more than 1,000km [621 miles] long.

‘Naturally we need to defend and control territories close to that line.

‘Which is the primary reason for the partial mobilisation…

‘We will call up 300,000 reservists.’

Anti-Putin General SVR channel claims it has inside knowledge from the Kremlin.

It predicted his move to institute partial mobilisation amid massive Russian war failures.

The channel has long claimed that Putin is suffering from serious illnesses including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and a schizoaffective disorder.

It is reportedly authored by an exiled Kremlin lieutenant-general, who is known by the alias Viktor Mikhailovich.

The channel has claimed that the Kremlin is seeking to ban it but has so far failed.

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