Since 2013 all products should be marked if they are sold or imported in the Eurasian space. EAC marking can be applied if goods match all necessary technical regulations according to the EAC Customs Union certification mark. EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity.

For sale in Russia

Russia, Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic Belarus and Kazakhstan are included in the Eurasian Economic Union. That’s why all goods should be certificated to be sold in Russia. If you see the EAC mark https://mastcert.com/eac-marking/, you can be sure in the high quality of products. A product should follow all necessary standards to be marked.

Nowadays there are more than 40 regulations for controlling food supply, clothes, beauty products, furnishings, cars, petrol and hardware.

To get the EAC mark you have to present a certificate and a declaration of conformity https://mastcert.com/eac-marking/, a certificate of state or a medical device registration.

Get a consultation of any accredited laboratory for EAC marking. Its staff will test your product and will provide you with necessary documents.

Certificate of conformity

For importing products into the Eurasian Union it’s necessary to get a certificate with the provision of test reports, which are published in the Ru Accreditation. We advise you to contact only experienced contractors for quick turnaround and saving money. If everything will be done correctly, you will have no problems at customs.

There are some rules for the EAC mark.

  • It can’t be less than 5 mm
  • The mark should be visible
  • It should be durably marked
  • The EAC mark should be on the each good
  • It should be different in color from the package
  • The mark should be written on the particular space
  • There can’t be any other signs on the EAC mark

A certificate or declaration of conformity with the requirements of the EAEU TR CU give the right to be EAC marked. Before sending the cargo, you need to make sure that everything was done correctly and in accordance with the recommendations.

If the customs learn that the EAC marking was applied on the package unreasonably, an entrepreneur may be fined, his goods will be confiscated. Penalties can be expected if there is no marking, it is applied in the wrong place or its appearance does not comply with the regulations.

In addition, goods will be delayed until a decision is made for 1-2 months, which will inevitably entail additional costs. At the end of this period, it will be necessary to correct violations in the marking of the cargo and re-submit documents for customs clearance.