International transfers from card to card: fast and safe

Today, almost every sphere of human life has been touched by comprehensive digitalization. Buying goods, ordering food, services or sending money abroad has become easy. But, if making an order online does not cause most questions, then in order to transfer money from card to card international, you need to know some things in advance.

International transfers from card to card: advantages

A few years ago, going to the bank was a long process. It is necessary to stand in line, even if the banking transaction takes only a few minutes. But in today’s world, in order to order a Mastercard prepaid card, you only need a smartphone or laptop, as well as an Internet connection.
The number of people who use international money transfer from card to card is growing daily. And this is quite justified. First, it is convenient and fast. To make an international online transfer from card to card, you do not need to leave your home or anywhere else. You are not dependent on time, because banks or other financial institutions generally work at certain hours. No additional documents or photocopies are absolutely necessary. Minimum information is required about the recipient of funds. Only full name and card number. Cash comes instantly, no matter if it’s day or night, no commission.

Send an international transfer from the card without much effort

Despite the fact that there is more than one option to make an international transfer from card to mastercard, choose a reliable system. This guarantees you the absence of any hidden fees, transparency. You can also see, if necessary, the current exchange rate when performing a transaction. Translation is done both from a computer and from a phone.

If you have a WestStein prepaid card, you will be able to make all sorts of transactions very easily. We offer customer-friendly and simple functionality, we guarantee security. The WestStein virtual debit card gives you the opportunity to carry out manipulations around the clock. Constant customer support is provided in various ways – by phone, e-mail or chat. We will help in case of questions. Many people ask if the operation is safe and will third parties get access? We assure you that your personal data is completely secure.