Nicky Campbell's ex-teacher fights extradition to UK after abuse claim

EXCLUSIVE: Nicky Campbell’s former teacher, 83, who is accused of being a prolific paedophile with multiple schoolboy victims he abused in ‘plain sight’ in the 1970s is fighting extradition to the UK from South Africa

  • The alleged abuser, 82, is said to live in a gated community in Cape Town 
  • The former teacher – known by the pseudonym ‘Edgar’ – is fighting extradition
  • Broadcaster Nicky Campbell, 61, revealed his alleged abuse as a child last week 
  • Judges at the High Court in Cape Town will rule whether to send the retired teacher back to Scotland at an extradition appeal hearing in October

The teacher accused of being a paedophile who destroyed the childhood of broadcaster Nicky Campbell is fighting extradition from South Africa, MailOnline can reveal.

Authorities in Cape Town agreed to send the retired teacher back to the UK to answer allegations of historic sexual abuse against students while he taught at Edinburgh Academy and Fettes College.

But the 83-year-old – who cannot be named for legal reasons – is appealing against the extradition warrant issued against him.

Judges at the High Court in Cape Town will rule whether to send the retired teacher back to Scotland to face his accusers at an extradition appeal hearing in October.

Radio 5 host Nicky Campbell, 61, told last week how he saw the teacher sexually assaulting a classmate when they were both ten years old.

Nicky Campbell spoke for the first time last week about witnessing and experiencing sexual and violent physical abuse as a young schoolboy at a Scottish private school during the 1970s 

A spokesman for South Africa’s National Prosecution Authority told MailOnline: ‘The Minister of Justice has signed the Section 11(a) for him to be extradited to the UK.

‘However he has decided to appeal the matter.

‘An appeal review is set down for hearing on 25 October in the High Court in Cape Town.’

The spokesman added: ‘A Section 11(a) is an order issued by the Minster of Justice that directs a person should be extradited to the requesting State.

‘However, the person has the right to appeal or review the decision and if an appeal /review is lodged he can’t be extradited pending that appeal.

‘The appeal is heard in the High Court.’ 

The former teacher – known by the pseudonym ‘Edgar’ – is reportedly living an idyllic life in a gated coastal community in Cape Town surrounded by electric fences and security guards, The Times reported. 

The TV and radio presenter revealed last week he suffered abuse as a child and witnessed ‘horrific’ instances as well.

Nicky Campbell as a ten-year-old schoolboy

Dozens of other former students have accused ‘Edgar’ of abuse in the 1970s. The survivors say they have dealt with traumatic flashbacks, depression and poor health because of the abuse they suffered.

By contrast, the alleged paedophile is said to be living the remainder of his life in luxury, with a private swimming pool, sports clubs, a members-only bar and 24-hour healthcare.

Mr Campbell argued the abuser should be brought to justice in the UK.

He said: ‘He is clearly fit enough to be extradited and questioned.

‘That now needs to happen.’ 

He also claims that he thinks the teachers at his school, Edinburgh Academy, knew the abuse was going on given how prevalent and widespread it was known among the pupils.

A paedophile school teacher allegedly molested dozens of school boys at Edinburgh Academy (pictured) in the 70s

Mr Campbell added: ‘They must have known what was going on those teachers because he was sent away for psychiatric treatment at one point. 

‘If you work it out throughout his 30-year career, the boys he must have abused and extrapolate and do the math, we’re talking 100s.’

When asked by TV presenter Naga Munchetty why it has not been spoken about until now, he said: ‘I don’t know why. Maybe we were protecting our parents, maybe because it was so ubiquitous we felt it was OK.’

The Times said it sent journalists to the alleged paedophile’s gated community, but ‘Edgar’ ordered security guards to keep them away.

When his wife would ask if he would respond to the allegations she said: ‘Not at all. Not at all.’ 

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry heard evidence on the alleged abuse committed by ‘Edgar’ as a teacher.

Alleged abuser ‘Edgar’ is reported to lived in a gated community in Cape Town (pictured) 

The inquiry’s chair, judge Lady Smith, prevented the teacher and other alleged abusers who had not been convicted from being named.

The inquiry was told: ‘He abused in plain sight and in front of his class and, on some accounts, involving half of a class of 20.

‘Evidence suggests that he took advantage and engineered abuse whenever and wherever the mood took him.’

Fettes College made a ‘full and unreserved apology’ to abuse victims and paid £400,000 last year to a former student who was allegedly physically and sexually abused. 

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service did not comment on the Times article but said the case against ‘Edgar’ was active.  

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