Report: Gen Z Increasingly Turning Their Passions Into Side Hustles

Rising costs have driven us all to reevaluate how we earn and spend money.

Gen Z in particular is working to ensure they are earning enough to cover high expenses. According to new findings released by, teens and young twenty-somethings’ are increasingly more money-minded than previous generations. The report found that seven out of 10 described salary as their top work motivator, with another 70% also described health insurance as their top workplace requirement.

Monster and global research firm TNS partnered to create the Monster Multi-Generational Survey, which documented more than 2,000 working and non-working people across cross-generationally, what they thought about work.

Some surprising insights came out of the report.

58% said they’d be willing to work nights and weekends for more pay, which is interesting since only 45% of Millennials said they’d put in more hours for more money, while only 40% of Gen X and baby boomers said they would.

The report also took a closer look at how generations view salary ranges. Turns out, high pay isn’t the main motivator for their hard work. 74% ranked purpose ahead of a paycheck (vs. 70% of millennials, 66% of Gen X and 67% of Boomer respondents). Ultimately, they want to care about the work they do, work hard and get paid well for it.

The report also detailed how Gen Z’ers felt about entrepreneurship. 42% said they plan to own their own company. This seems highly plausible social media has become a great equalizer for many aspiring business owners.

The full report can be found here.

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