Streaker who ran past the Queen remembers the day she FORGAVE him

Royal streaker remembers the day the Queen FORGAVE him after he ran past her Rolls-Royce with the words ‘Rude Britannia’ written on his backside

  • Brynn Reed, then 27, streaked in front of the Queen on her Golden Jubilee tour
  • In 2002 he ran past her car in Newcastle with ‘Rude Britannia’ on his backside
  • Mr Reed has now recalled how the Queen forgave him for his lude behaviour
  • He was ‘shocked’ after hearing the ‘sweet lady’ died while he was at the beach
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A streaker who flashed his ‘crown jewels’ to the Queen on her Golden Jubilee tour has fondly recalled the day she forgave his lude behaviour and paid tribute to her.

Former civil servant Brynn Reed, now 47, stripped off when Her Majesty visited Newcastle to unveil a monument to Cardinal Basil Hulme back in May 2002.

The then 27-year-old tore his clothes off, vaulted railings and ran past Queen Elizabeth II’s Rolls-Royce, while displaying the words ‘Rude Britannia’ on his bum.

Former civil servant Brynn Reed (pictured being being restrained by police on May 7 2002), who streaked in front of the Queen when she visited Newcastle, has paid tribute to the late monarch

Queen Elizabeth II on her Golden Jubilee tour in Newcastle on May 7 2002

Mr Reed proudly brandishing his letter (left) from the Queen forgiving him after he apologised for streaking – for which he was tackled by police officers and arrested before being sacked from his job

Shocked pensioners and children looked on as he was hurled to the ground by police before being covered up, handcuffed and led away to cells.

Mr Read was issued with a 12 month conditional discharge at Newcastle Magistrates after he pleaded guilty to indecent exposure following the incident.

The Newcastle-based prankster, who was sacked as a result of the stunt, wrote a letter of apology to the Queen herself afterwards and received a reply in less than two weeks.

The letter, signed by Mrs Deborah Bean, Chief Correspondent’s Officer, read: ‘Dear Mr Read,

‘Thank you for your letter to The Queen of 26th May apologising for you behaviour during Her Majesty’s visit to Newcastle-upon-Tyne last month.

I write to say that your apology is accepted.’

Now, the former streaker has paid tribute to the Queen describing her as a ‘sweet lady’.

He said: ‘It was a bit of a shock when I found out. I was on the beach and someone told me she was a bit ill.

‘I was suspicious at first when some stranger on a beach told me the news.

‘It’s sad news. There was so much ambiguity about her state of health.

‘She was a nice person. A sweet lady has just passed away. I’m sad for the family.

‘I completely sympathise with their loss. I’ve had relatives that have passed away and it’s difficult.’

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