Carol Vorderman unveils Pride of Britain gown as she gives beauty tips

Carol Vorderman unveils Pride of Britain gown as she spills secret behind hourglass figure

Pride of Britain host Carol Vorderman, 61, has unveiled her stunning gown for the prestigious event this year on Instagram. The star has previously opened up about how she maintains her age-defying figure with a series of fitness tips. 

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Carol took to Instagram yesterday to show off her floor-length, dark silver gown, which was complete with jewels at the waist to accentuate her hourglass figure. 

The star captioned the stunning clip: “In the spirit of hand me downs and sustainability… @ashleybanjogram and I are wearing beautiful outfits for this year’s Pride of Britain which we’ve worn previously.

“Ash is wearing the suit he wore as best man at @jordbanjo wedding earlier this year and I’m wearing a stunning gown which I wore on stage for POB in 2018.

“The dress is a lovely silk and it’s been a great, sustainable process.

“P.s… They’re NOT real gems around the waist… Ha ha,” she added. (sic)

Carol Vorderman, 61, looked stunning as she showed her transformation ahead of tonight’s event

The star began the video in a pair of skin-tight, black leggings and a simple white T-shirt. 

Carol Vorderman oozed elegance as she revealed her gorgeous silver gown

The strapless garment was made of a dark grey, satin material and featured a jewelled waist and a long, flowing skirt. 

Carol Vorderman is co-hosting Pride of Britain with Ashley Banjo, 34

The Diversity dance troupe leader and choreographer is following Carol’s example by recycling a suit he has worn before.

Carol Vorderman has previously spilled some secret strategies she uses to keep in such incredible sh

The former Countdown star uses a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating and juice cleanses to maintain her age-defying looks. 

Carol Vorderman has insisted in the past that she doesn’t diet but does have help from a personal tr

Speaking about the personal trainer to MailOnline, she explained: “I do keep fit, I started with a new trainer, a rugby captain in Wales and we have a good laugh. He’s pushing me harder now with weights. It’s the weights you need as you get older because I’m quite happy with my body weight. I don’t actually know what I weigh but I’m happy, I don’t need to go on a diet or anything like that.”

Carol Vorderman stunned on the Pride of Britain red carpet last year in a deep blue gown

The BBC Radio Wales presenter wore a plunging indigo frock with stunning silver detailing.

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