Fans Believe That Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Are Secretly Married

Image Source: Getty / Sonia Recchia

If the rash of celebrity breakups has you down, don’t worry — Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are still going strong over a decade later. So strong, apparently, that fans are speculating that the longtime couple are married. On Tuesday, Mendes, 48, posted an Instagram photo displaying her “de Gosling” wrist tattoo, which translates to “of Gosling” in English. In Hispanic culture, many married women use “de” to change their last name for their husbands’ after marriage. Was this the actor’s way of subtly confirming that she and Gosling are married?

Given how private both Mendes and Gosling, 42, are, the actor didn’t elaborate further on the meaning behind the ink, but she did confirm that it wasn’t a new tattoo in the comments section after her hair and makeup artist Steeve Daviault asked if it was real. “ummm….it’s old. You’ve seen it many times,” she wrote, adding, “f, I love you.”

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