Steph McGovern details emotional hospital visit as she shares rare insight into family

Steph McGovern visits James Cook University Hospital

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Steph McGovern was feeling emotional today when she visited James Cook University Hospital in her hometown of Middlesbrough. The Steph’s Packed Lunch host also opened up about her family life in a candid post to her 100,000 Instagram followers. 

Steph, 40, took to social media to upload a series of snaps of her unveiling the opening of the hospital’s new Critical Care Garden.

She wrote: “Fab visit to James Cook University Hospital in my hometown today to help celebrate the opening of their new Critical Care Garden.

“It was so lovely (+ emotional!) chatting to the patients in intensive care about how much the garden has helped their mental health etc. 

“And the docs/nurses looking after them are just brilliant,” she continued. 


“A reminder of how amazing the NHS is. And how fab charities like @ourhospcharity are.”

Steph then went on to talk about her family’s connection to the hospital. 

She penned: “A great hospital. Plus my mam worked here for 40 years so it holds a special place in my heart. 

“(Ps. Took Eddie the Electric  with me on the road trip. Love driving this car. Plus I did over 100 miles today and only used half the charge.)” (sic)

Steph also accompanied the photos with some clips, where she spoke more about her jam-packed day. 

“Hey everyone, so I am on a little road trip with little Eddie the electric car. 

“I’m at James Cook University Hospital, which is where my mum worked for 40 years and now I’m back here to open their garden, which is for the intensive care unit,” she said. 

Momentarily distracted by her car door locking, she continued: “Anyway, I’m going in to help them open their garden and celebrate it for their patients.

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“Which is exciting because I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid to come and pick my mum up from work. 40 years she worked here – amazing!” 

In another video clip, Steph showed off the stunning new garden, which was complete with beautiful greenery and some colourful rainbow flags. 

She then provided another update from her car after visiting the hospital. 

“Hey, I’m just in the car after being in the hospital to help them with the opening of their intensive care unit garden,” she explained.

“The garden’s brilliant and you can clearly see how much it means to the nurses, the doctors and most importantly, the patients there. 

“Just to have the outdoor space, get a bit of space, get a bit of privacy as well. It was lovely.”

Steph’s voice shook as she continued: “Heartbreaking meeting the patients, though. Oh, my God. It reminds you just how much you’ve got, doesn’t it?

“When you see families and people dealing with serious health problems. I don’t know how my mascara’s stayed on, to be honest, but so great to be with them today. 

“Time now to hit the road again – see you!” Steph signed off. 

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