Terence Crawford's Daughter Wins Track Race After Losing Shoe, Incredible Comeback!

Boxing star Terence Crawford‘s daughter just pulled off the unimaginable — the 7-year-old won a track race despite losing her shoe out the starting blocks … and the video of the comeback is wildly impressive!!

A clip of the stunning upset was shared on social media on Sunday … showing Talaya, a budding track star, getting off to a shaky start during the sprint competition at the Wings of Omaha Invitational at Northwest High School in Nebraska.

Talaya’s shoe comes off right at the start of the race … but instead of giving up like most would, she slips it right back on and gets to work.

Talaya’s blunder cost her a significant amount of time (and distance), but she shows no signs of panic as she catches up to the rest of the pack.

In the video, you can hear the spectators recording the wild moment cheering Talaya’s name as she picks up steam … and, as a result, gaining ground fast on her competition.

Not only did Talaya hawk down her opponents, but she passed every single runner … and won by a HUGE margin.

Of course, Talaya’s dad is a world-class boxer, so we know athleticism runs in the genes. But, the biggest takeaway from this stunning, dominant performance was her tenacious spirit.

Bud commented about the accomplishment over the weekend, saying, “I just can’t stop thinking about my daughter’s track meet yesterday.”

“She just doesn’t have a clue how much she just motivated me. This is the definition of not giving [up], heart and grit. She let it all hang out even when she was hit with adversity.”

Way to go!!

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