'Envious' Kim Kardashian is stealing Cindy Crawford's style to 'fuel self-importance’ and further modeling, expert says | The Sun

KIM Kardashian appears to be upgrading her looks and lifestyle in a bid to become like the supermodel, Cindy Crawford, a psychologist has said.

But she thinks it's probably too late for the 42-year-old billionaire reality star and influencer to make the cut.

In September, Kim Kardashian enjoyed one of her biggest fashion moments when she stepped out on the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

The reality star eagerly showed off a new sensual, and sophisticated style while launching her own collection.

Dressed head to toe in Dolce and Gabbana and with freshly colored blonde hair, the reality star appeared to be channeling the classic, feminine 90s supermodel look.

Amazingly, that same month and Kim also bought a new beachfront house in Malibu and which had once belonged to supermodel Cindy Crawford.

And it's not just her lifestyle she is emulating, Kim has also copied Cindy in a series of lookalike outfits.

In January, Kim and Cindy were both among the celebrity guests at Oprah's lavish 60th birthday party in Beverley Hills.

But as Kim released a slew of pictures of herself online, it was low-key Cindy who appeared to have retreated to the back of the group photo.

In an exclusive interview, psychologist Jo Hemmings told The U.S Sun: "There may be envy from Kim Kardashian towards Cindy Crawford.

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"Cindy's rise to fame was a lot more conventional and her family life today seems a lot more settled.

"And while I doubt Cindy gives this a second thought, Kim could feel envious of this and her classy and enduring style.

"She's channeling it with the style, the fashion collaborations, and then the house.

"Kim may ultimately claim Cindy's lifestyle as her own.

"There may also be a little Kim Kardashian-style narcissism going on where she's yearning for constant admiration.

"It could be fuelling a need to feel more self-important and ‘stealing’ a little of Cindy’s style might help that along.

"This may well be what Kim aspires to and so by borrowing a little of Cindy’s lifestyle and image, she believes she can confer the same success onto herself and her own family.

"By copying Cindy's looks or her lifestyle, Kim can reassure herself that the seemingly effortless ease in the way that Cindy conducts herself, is something she can feel too.

“She might think it can maybe rub off on her, simply by modeling her lifestyle and look on the older celeb that she clearly and currently admires so much."

Cindy Crawford is one of the world’s best-known supermodels and has a net worth of around $400 million.

In her youth, she regularly modeled for the likes of Chanel, Versace, and Thiery Mugler while becoming a runway star for the Italian fashion brand, D&G.

In fact, when 5ft 9 Cindy walked for them in 1992, it became one of her most iconic fashion moments.

The mom-of-two continues to shoot for the brand well into her 50s, even modeling on the beach in Malibu in 2018.

As a businesswoman and alongside her modeling, Cindy launched Cindy Crawford Home and her Meaningful Beauty haircare collection.

This hit the market in 2021 and is focused on anti-aging products.

By contrast, Kim Kardashian first rose through the ranks as a curvy reality star struggling through a sex tape leak.

Now worth around $1.8 billion, over the years the 42-year-old Skims founder has raked in the cash as an influencer, entrepreneur, and pop culture icon.

By 2014, after marrying rapper Kanye West, Kim began swapping sexy bodycon dresses for high-end fashion items while kickstarting a new era.

After appearing on the cover of American Vogue, Kim caught the eye of the Italian fashion house Balenciaga, before joining D&G.

In February 2023, she was back at Milan Fashion Week working as their muse but through four dress changes, she seemed exhausted at the close.

"It all appeared so easy and relaxed for Cindy through the years and her journey has been very different to Kim," explains Jo.

"She's a natural and has slipstreamed into being one of the first super-models.

"She still looks as gorgeous as she did in her iconic heyday.

"By contrast and for the ambitious Kim, it probably always felt harder for her to establish herself in what she achieved.

"And with that easy class that Cindy exudes and so she may well be unconsciously – or purposefully – attempting to copy elements of Cindy’s style and life.

"Kim's likely trying to make herself feel more substantial or enduring.

"It could be simply a case of ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, but with Kim, life is rarely that simple.

"It’s much more considered.

"I also see a natural sexiness emanating from Cindy – something she has always had.

"Like genuine sex appeal, this rarely dims with age.

"While Kim always seems to be trying so hard, reinventing herself to be sexier or more provocative, occasionally scaling it back, before trying again.

"What's effortless for Cindy is more of a struggle for Kim, who is far less secure about her looks and her lifestyle."

Crawford also tends to keep her personal life fairly private.

And while she has been married twice – first to actor Richard Gere and then Rande Gerber, 60 in 1998, the pair has two kids together, Presley, 23, and Kaia, 21.

In comparison, Kim on the other hand is rarely out of the media and regularly posts photos of herself and her family online.

After splitting from Kanye West in 2021, the mom of four, and three-time divorced celebrity is currently single.

"Cindy's blessed with a happy and long-lasting marriage and two picture-perfect children.

"She has a less volatile but more stable life than Kim.

"Being a decade older and she may notice it, but I doubt it bothers her.

"She may be flattered or amused by Kim copying, but she certainly won’t feel intimidated or threatened by it.

"Kim’s kids are also much younger than Cindy’s.

"We know that Cindy has not been happy with some of Kaia’s dating choices, maybe most notably Pete Davidson who also dated Kim.

"But both of her children seem to be establishing themselves in the world of modeling, with much the same effortless style that Cindy had.

"It'll be interesting to see how Kim's children mature and grow,

"Overall, maybe Kim's growing tired of it all and wants a slice of security and stability both for herself and her children.

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"I think she wants to emulate the whole Cindy Crawford package – from the modeling to the house to the family stability.

"At 42 she seems to be still striving for that type of package but knows that her best years in terms of popularity and image may be behind her."

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