I'm a parenting coach & every mum falls under one of these four types of parenting styles – which one are you? | The Sun

A PARENTING coach has revealed that every mum falls into one of four different parenting styles.

Annaliese Murray, who is from New Zealand, took to TikTok and revealed the four categories: Neglectful, permissive, authoritarian and authoritative/conscious.

Firstly, the parenting guru discusses neglectful parents.

"These parents might say things like 'I don't care' – they're very dismissive and they'd rather be doing anything but parenting," she explains.

"They lead very busy lives and they're not involved in their child's. The child will feel like the parent is completely disinterested in them and that's because they are.

"They have low demands and they have low responsiveness."


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She then moves onto the permissive type of parent.

"They struggle to say no, they are very kind and nurturing but they struggle with boundaries.

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"They let the child do as they please because they're afraid of conflict.

"They have low demands of their child but they have high responsiveness.

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Next up is the authoritarian type of parent.

"They're focus is good behaviour, obedience, discipline and control," says Annaliese. "They parent from their ego and it's their own or the highway.

They have high demands but little guidance and responsiveness."

Finally, the parenting coach goes on to explain the attributes of those who follow authoritative/conscious parenting.

"These parents are nurturing and supportive and they set limits," she explains. "They engage in helpful discussions with their children so they're solution-focused and they thrive."

The video has since racked up a staggering 72,000 views, with many taking to the comments section to discuss which type of parenting style they fit into.

"I bounce around w all 4 types on different days. Parenting is freaking hard. I do better on calm days. When things get chaotic, I lose my mind," admitted one.

A second commented: "I'm mostly #4 but a little bit of every one, even #1 and when I'm that the mum guilt kicks in hard. Depends on our day and everyone's sleep though."

A third penned: "I love number #4 and encourage it."

Meanwhile, a fourth asked: "I am number 2 and 4 is that bad??"

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Another added: "The fourth option is kinda slay."

And a further praised: "Thank you for educating us."

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