My top's zipper snapped completely apart in a mall – I was almost naked, I’m traumatized as a random guy saw everything | The Sun

AN extroverted young woman has shared the awkward wardrobe mishap she had at the mall that left her traumatized.

She revealed that the zipper on her stylish strapless top busted open while shopping and a random guy witnessed everything.

Lifestyle enthusiast Denise (@de_knees__) doesn't mind showcasing random moments in her life online.

In a TikTok video, she told viewers about her close call with awardrobe malfunction that left a lasting impression on her.

When the video began, she filmed herself from the chest up as she looked at the camera and lightly showed her slim frame.

She wore a strapless blue top with a pleated design in the front.

The subtitle over the visual read: "Why are you traumatized just because of this top?"

Then, the video showed her holding the shirt in her hand as she explained why in another subtitle.

"Because I almost went naked in a shopping mall. The zip was faulty and it completely snapped apart," it read.

The zipper was straight down the back of her top and kept her bust supported.

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She admitted in the video caption that she held on to her top in time before a wardrobe malfunction took place and exposed her breasts.

Luckily, the content creator's quick reaction saved her from an embarrassing moment while shopping.

Unfortunately, Denise added that a "random guy saw the whole incident and was shook."

Viewers offered supportive words and shared similar experiences in the comments.

"If not for the zippers, I think you look pretty cute in it," a fan praised.

Another added: "There was once I wore the same design top from Supergurl and the zipped opened till the end but the attachment was still intact so I didn't know it was."

"S**t happened… I cannot imagine the random guy's reaction," a TikTok user wrote.

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