I'm a travel influencer- here are the people to avoid travelling with

I’m a travel influencer and here’s a list of people I would NEVER travel with

  • Ben Keenan, from Seattle, has left many viewers unimpressed with his views  
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A travel influencer has sparked a furious debate online after revealing the seven types of people he would refuse to go abroad with.

Ben Keenan, from Seattle, took to TikTok to share his ‘extensive’ list on the types of  personality traits to avoid when taking a trip.

The consultant and travel influencer often advises others on travel-related queries, but this video has left many viewers with a sour taste.

The influencer listed seven different reasons from ‘people who sleep in on vacation’ to ‘picky eaters’.

Viewers have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts on the list. But Ben’s advice has left some feeling ‘tired’, and one even concluded: ‘You [Ben] are definitely someone I would NOT travel with.’

Travel influencer and consultant, Ben Keenan (pictured) from Seattle, took to TikTok to advise viewers on the type of people to avoid going on holiday with

Ben started off the list with: ‘People that when they need to recharge their battery in the middle of the day, they force you to go back to the hotel or Airbnb to do that.’

He added: ‘I’m sorry, you’re telling me you can’t not speak to me in a park or at a cafe or with a glass of wine somewhere outdoors.’

Next the influencer said: ‘People who sleep in on vacation. Unless you have been up since 4 am in the morning, there is absolutely zero reason why you need to be sleeping until… 11 am every single day.

‘I can absolutely promise you I did not pay for this trip to New York for you to lay in bed.’

The third reason Ben gave was ‘picky eaters’, with little explanation as to why.

He added: ‘On that same note, people who want to always eat meals at the same place that you’re staying.’

Ben explained: ‘Obviously having food on hand is fine, but the people who actually want to go to the store and pick up pasta supplies and then go back to your Airbnb to cook instead of going and trying local restaurants, that’s an immediate no for me.’

Next, Ben turned to the money aspect of a getaway. He said: ‘People who no stipulate a budget until they get there.

Ben listed various personality traits to avoid including ‘picky eaters’ and those who fail to ‘stipulate a budget’ 

‘If you know that you cannot spend more than $100 a day, let me know that up front.

He added: ‘I don’t mind reducing what I’m spending, or I don’t mind increasing what I’m spending if I’m capable of doing that and keeping up with your idea of vacation.

‘But don’t surprise me with a budget that’s really high or a budget that’s really low once we’re there.’

Lastly, Ben said he wanted to avoid people with certain names, adding: ‘If you’re going international anyone named Rachel. If you’re staying domestic, anyone named Brad, Chad, or Thad.’

The video captioned: ‘My opinions on this are extensive #traveltiktok #travelinspo,’ has since amassed nearly two million views. 

But many viewers have been left unimpressed with Ben’s take on travel advice. One said: ‘Your vacation makes me tired thinking about waking up early and doing things non stop.’ 

Viewers took the comment section to share their thoughts on Ben’s advice, but many were left unimpressed 

A second person agreed: ‘You seem like new to travelling. Initially whenever you go you want to see/do everything. After couple years, you travel for relaxing and enjoying.’ 

A third added: ‘I’m not just gonna suddenly not be a picky eater just cuz I’m on vacation, I can’t really help that.’ 

A fourth concluded: You are definitely someone I would NOT travel with. LOL.’ 

It comes after Kate Berski, a travel writer from London spilled all on how to get more bang for your buck while on holiday. 

She said: ‘If you’re planning on booking a hotel anytime soon, you wanna hear my 3 top hotel hacks.

‘First hack, the phone is your friend, this will be a running theme. Instead of booking online which is super tempting, always phone the hotel directly and ask them what their best rate is.

‘Often they’ll match and even better the rate, sometimes they’ll offer you an upgrade on the spot as well.

Kate then reveals her second hack, which is to arrive late to your hotel, as she has found that this will work in your favor.

The thrifty individual said that she found that the later she arrived for her business trips, the more likely she was to be upgraded to a better room or even a suite.

She said: ‘That’s because they know they’re not gonna sell it so they might as well give you a better experience.

‘So if you can, the later you go, the more chances of a free upgrade.’

Kate then revealed her final tip, which will help with those who have missed their opportunity to cancel their accommodation.

She told her followers: ‘Final one is if you’ve missed the cancellation window, super annoying, you don ‘t want to pay those full fees.

‘First, try moving your reservation to a much later date and then cancelling it.

‘Often you can completely avoid the cancellation fees or paying the full room fee that way.’

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