Princess Margaret was ‘not a rebel’ but just ‘ahead of her time’

Horoscopes: How Princess Margaret influenced astrology

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Princess Margaret was often referred to as the more rebellious younger sister of Queen Elizabeth. Having been born on August 21, 1930, this made Margaret a Leo. An astrologist spoke exclusively to to explain whether the Princess was a natural Leo in terms of her behaviour.

Inbaal Honigman, a celebrity psychic and astrologer, said: “There are a few signs that are very well represented within the Royal Family, and Leo is one of them. Among those royal relations are regal Leos such as Meghan Markle, Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice.

“Leo is a sign fit for a royal – those born under the sign of the Lion are leaders, not followers. And as such, they may find that some of their behaviours are seen as outrageous by their peers. Leos are not rebels, just ahead of their time.

“In Princess Margaret’s early love life, her romance with the divorced Peter Townsend would not be seen as extraordinary nowadays, but in the 1950s, she had to go with the royal rules of the time, and break off their engagement.

“The sister to the heir to the throne could not marry a divorcee. Years later, Prince Harry, brother to the heir to the throne, would marry Meghan Markle, a divorcee herself. And a Leo!”

Inbaal went on to explain why Leos, like Princess Margaret, the Countess of Snowdon, are “very happy on a stage”.

She explained: “Leos are very happy on a stage or in front of a camera, so her televised wedding, the first royal wedding to be broadcast from Westminster Abbey on TV, was very in keeping with her star sign.

“Margaret’s own divorce in the 1970s, as a royal, was shocking in its day. A royal divorce back then was unheard of, but here we are in 2022 and our King has been through a divorce himself.

“Princess Margaret was trailblazing, as befits a Leo. She had no desire to follow anybody else’s rules and lived life on her own terms. Leos are very at ease with who they are, they are proud and secure, and know that as long as they’re true to themselves, criticism alone can’t harm them.

“They are unafraid to draw attention to themselves, and even though they don’t seek to court controversy, controversy nevertheless finds them, because of how fearless they are.”

Inbaal suggested why the Countess’ Moon and Ascendant signs also impacted her character.

She opined: “Princess Margaret’s rising sign, also known in astrology as the ascendant, is Aries, which is a fiery, sunny sign, and this Aries ascendant is the reason that Princess Margaret would have made quickfire decisions and not waited for permission from the Palace for her every move.

“Her moon is in Cancer, which is a maternal and very loving sign and is a sign of dreamers and nurturers. The position of the stars at the time of her birth shows that Princess Margaret would have been a lady very comfortable in her skin. Her confidence is hewn into her star chart.”

According to the astrologist, Princess Margaret had an “unusually large number of planets” in her astrology chart, which was vital to understanding her character.

Inbaal claimed: “Each sign of the zodiac has a specific ruling planet, and when a planet is in its corresponding sign in a person’s birth chart, it enhances the qualities of that planet. It is called a ‘domicile sign’.

“Margaret had an unusually large number of planets in their ‘domicile’ signs in her astrology chart, which could be at the root of her confidence.

“Her Sun is in Leo, her Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn, which are all such fortunately-positioned signs.

“This means that she felt lucky in all of those fields – personality, family, communication, love and discipline. Throughout her years, in those aspects of her life, problems were few and solutions were quick.”

In 1962, the Countess of Snowdon was seen soaking in a bathtub wearing nothing but the Poltimore tiara (Margaret’s wedding diadem) on her head. The racy image was taken in 1962 by her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones, but it didn’t enter the public domain until 2006, four years after Margaret’s death.

Inbaal continued: “Her iconic image, shoulder deep in a filled bath, aged 32, wearing only a tiara, photographed by her husband whose reflection appears in the mirror, is a supremely Leo representation of her approach to life.

“Optimistic, confident, sunny, extraordinary – a Leo who doesn’t need to justify anything.”

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