BBC Breakfast viewers call for guest presenter to stay ‘More mornings like this please’

BBC Breakfast hosts talk about woman's 42ft fingernails

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Victoria Fritz is usually found presenting on BBC World News Service and other various BBC News shows. But after a popular shift on the station’s main breakfast show, you may be seeing her more on the top table of morning TV after viewers flocked to Twitter to praise the presenter.

Fans of the BBC’s flagship morning news show flooded the presenter and co-host Ben Thompson with tweets hoping to see her more on the channel’s red sofas.

One keen viewer wrote: “Victoria Fritz and Ben Thompson are just PERFECT for BBC Breakfast.”

They continued: “More mornings like this please. #nochannelhoppingthismorning”

The stand-in presenters proved popular with their segments, especially when chatting about the morning’s papers – where Victoria reacted hilariously to news of a lady who grew her fingernails to 42 inches.

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