Brought our own The Boys stars reveal on-set changes to episode 5

The Boys season 3 official teaser trailer from Prime Video

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Kimiko (played by Karen Fukuhara) just about managed to survive an encounter with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) in the latest gripping episode of The Boys. As she heals in hospital, Kimiko hallucinated an all-singing, all-dancing musical number with her vigilante partner, Frenchie (Tomer Capone), and the actors have spoken exclusively to about bringing their own ideas to one of the Amazon Prime Video series’ most inventive sequences yet.

The Boys star Karen revealed Kimiko and Frenchie’s dance sequence was a great opportunity to bond with her on-screen partner, Tomer.

“The dance rehearsals really bonded us together,” she recalled.

“And I think you can see that on-screen, as well. There’s something about working on something together, like doing a team sport, that brings people together.”

Episode five, The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies, picks up with Kimiko in hospital after taking a laser hit during The Boys’ encounter with Soldier Boy.

Prime Video’s darkly comic superhero drama has always featured plenty of visual flair, but this season has taken it up a notch with Kimiko and Frenchie’s dreamy ode to Hollywood musicals.

While the number was extensively rehearsed and choreographed, Karen revealed she and Tomer were also able to bring their own ideas to the table.

Filming the dance sequence also proved to be one of the most unique days of filming for an already wildly inventive season of The Boys.

She told and other press: “It was surreal. I had a moment on-set on one of the musical days…”

“I just realised, with all the colourful details of everything, even the costumes were a lot more colourful than what we’re used to seeing.

“Kimiko’s usually in black,” she added, and Tomer joked: “There was no blood on set!”

Karen revealed she changed into a slightly different hospital gown for Kimiko’s dream sequence, to ensure it popped on the screen.

“We wanted her hospital gown to have a little bit of flair and flow,” she explained. “So we added a tiny bit more fabric so that it expands a little bit.”

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Her dance partner Tomer even tried his hand at some lifts for the performance, in addition to trying out their own moves and ideas.

“It was amazing,” Tomer continued. “We had Amy Wright, she was the choreographer.

“We had so much room for bringing our own to this thing, just in terms of characters.

“And just in terms of things me and Karen saw, like ‘We should definitely try and put this in the dance.'”

“Small moments that are character-driven… there’s a small moment in the dance where we stop for a second, and we have this little interaction.”

Their dance sequence was certainly a stand-out moment for the third season so far, thanks to Karen and Tomer’s infectious performances as Kimiko and Frenchie.

Thankfully, Kimiko recovered from her bout with Soldier Boy to fight another day, but fans will have to tune in next week to see if she’s able to return to the field.

The Boys season 3 continues Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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