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A GREAT British Bake Off star has admitted a key part of the show is FAKE.

Amanda Georgiou – who was the sixth baker to leave last year's series after her showstopper pie fell apart in Pastry Week – says contestants are given a heads' up about what to expect each episode.

It means when the Channel 4 show shows the bakers looking surprised or worried about the task ahead – they already knew what to expect.

Amanda told  Johnny Seifert on the Secure the Insecure podcast: "We have a few weeks, I think it was about five or six weeks we got all the briefings, so we knew which week was cake week biscuit week, bread week, dessert week, German week so on.

"So you get your briefs and it's got to be a theme so they tell you what the theme is.

"Then you start writing your recipes. It's really hard work especially when you're trying to do your full time job as well. So you have deadlines, where you still have have to submit your two recipes for each week. 


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"So, obviously the technical you don't know about, but you have your signature and if it was bread week for instance, you have your signature bread bake and then you have your showstopper for the bread week.

"But you have to write your recipes as well and they have to be your own original recipe you can't copy Mary Berry’s or Hollywood's recipe you have to they have to be your own.

"So you send your recipe off and they'll say no, you've got to rewrite that one. You can't have you can't use that one. It's too similar to someone else's."

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Amanda has previously spilled the tea on how to make it past the intense audition stages – and win a place in the famous tent.

She has since given advice to wannabe contestants about how to get through to one of the final bakers.

Speaking to Johnny Seifert on the Secure the Insecure podcast, Amanda said you have to fill in a detailed application form with photographic evidence of your baking.

She said: "It's what your hobbies are, what things you like to bake what things you hate to bake, what are you good at what you're not good at.

"I mean, the application is something else. They want you to send in photos as well, it's not just an application form. They want to see at least five photos of different styles of baking, but that's a minimum.

"I think I sent up to about 20 photos. It takes you forever just to fill that in.

"And then you wait for a phone call, which you may or may not get."

Amanda warns that if you've lied in your application about your credentials, you'll be found out during a grilling at the next part of the audition stage.

She says: "The phone call is technical, almost like a quiz. You spend an hour talking to someone who knows everything about baking, asking lots of questions to see if you actually are as knowledgeable as you've said in your application. 

"You know what it's like when you fill out an application for a job or anything, we all exaggerate a bit that we say, 'Yeah, I got all these A stars and I'm brilliant at this and I'm brilliant at that'.

"And of course, you did the same thing on Bake Off, but they test you on that. So if you're not as good as you say you are they will, they will work it out and you won't get another phone call. So you need to get through that technical quiz. First of all, before you go any further. 

"They might ask you what sort of things make your cake go flat.

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"They also wan to know how many different types of pastries are there, how many different types of butter creams are there, you know, you got swiss meringue, buttercream, Italian rang butter cream…

"There's so many reasons, so you need to understand why things go wrong to be a good baker because you need to make sure you don't do it again."

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