Love Island villa secrets – McDonalds, cleaning rota and strict rule for newbies

Anna Vakili won fans over after appearing on season five of ITV2's Love Island as one of the original singletons before leaving the villa on Day 52.

During her time on the show, the Pharmacist from London found herself in the centre of several explosive storylines, with fans claiming she once rolled her eyes when Ovie had burst into tears.

During an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, the 31-year-old dished the dirt on her experience and shed light on some behind-the-scenes secrets that even eagle-eyed viewers wouldn't notice.

The star revealed that there were certain aspects of her experience that left her completely taken aback.

Final edit

Speaking about things that didn't make the final cut, Anna explained: "There were a few conversations with Ovie that I wish were aired.

"With Ovie, it showed a very one-sided thing, I would have enjoyed that to be aired because people would have seen the other side of me."

She added: "I wish my other side was aired, it was just my drama that was shown whenever I was angry or annoyed.

"It never showed me, happy and cracking jokes which most of the time I was but I feel like that was a character of mine that was played out more.

"They picked those bits of me whereas there's so much more to me than that."

Anna added: "Obviously it was the most exciting thing when I wanted to argue or when I'm starting drama, they're more exciting than me cracking jokes.

"At the end of the day, it just looks like I'm like that and I'm not."

Secret McDonald's and cleaning

Many Islanders go into the famous villa believing that their luxury home will be visited by cleaners but this is not always the case.

They also receive one takeaway per week, with producers supplying the singletons with a McDonald's of their choice.

"I was surprised that we were allowed McDonald's once a week," said Anna, before adding: "That was great."

She continued: "I was surprised that we'd have to help doing the cleaning and a little bit.

"I thought that there would be cleaners everyday, I was surprised with the speakers, the whole thing was very different to what I thought it would be."

"There were speakers that the producers would speak to you through and I was like 'Woah', that shocked me," she explained.

Clever time hack

During their time in the villa, Islanders are not allowed to know the time, with producers going to extreme lengths to ensure they remain unaware.

This includes setting all phones to different times as well as covering the clock on the kitchen ovens.

But Anna revealed that during her season, Joe Garratt managed to find a way to help the cast know what time of the day it was.

She explained: "It was really weird, imagine two months not knowing the time?!

"I remember towards the end, we saw the time on the producer's phone accidentally.

"Joe carved something in the stones, so whenever the sun hit that line you would know what time it is."

Instagram secrets

It comes as no surprise that the singletons have no access to the outside world, with Amy Hart recently revealing that all phones are jailbroken so they can't get on social media.

Despite this, Anna and her co-stars discovered ways to find out who had the most followers on Instagram before the producers managed to cut the conversation.

Anna said: "When the bombshells came in, we tried so hard to ask how many followers we had.

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"All we knew every time someone came in, they'd tell us Molly-Mae and Lucie had the most followers, other than that they'd never get away with telling us more.

"Every time we started talking, the producers would go crazy, they could hear everything.

"That was their number one rule, when bombshells come in, they can't tell you anything, you can't get away with saying anything without them hearing – even if you whisper."

Anna and her sister Mandi are currently hosting their own Love Island podcast, Sisters in the City each week, sharing their unfiltered views on this year's series.

Love Island airs daily on ITV2 and ITVHub at 9pm

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