Whitney and Zack ripped apart as grief destroys them in EastEnders

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) are still struggling to reconnect following baby Peach’s death in EastEnders.

Their baby daughter was diagnosed with Edwards’ Syndrome while Whitney was still pregnant, and they made the decision to have a termination due to the fact the condition would’ve impacted their baby’s lifespan.

This week, Whitney attempted to find some sort of normality by heading back to work at the market.

Supported by her friends, Whitney was thrown a curveball when she discovered that Peach’s ashes were ready to collect.

Lonely has been the word to describe how both of these characters have been feeling ever since Whitney gave birth to Peach.

In Thursday’s (March 16) instalment of the BBC One soap, Zack wasn’t sure what to do with baby Peach’s ashes after collecting them on his own and asked Stacey (Lacey Turner) for advice.

Stacey suggested talking to Whitney, of course, but she had no idea that Whitney was at her house, looking after Lily (Lillia Turner) after having her stomach accidentally hit when Freddie (Bobby Brazier) and Tommy (Sonny Kendall) were fighting.

As Stacey rushed over, it was clear Whitney’s grief had consumed her as she was telling Lily how much her life will change when she gives birth, and that she must be more careful.

Feeling frustrated, Lily made a harsh comment about Whitney’s baby dying, prompting her to rush off.

As night fell, Zack and Whitney started talking again but they continued to clash.

Zack tried to tell Whitney that he had been feeling lonely in this process and knows what she’s going through, but Whitney pointed out that she’s the only one in the entire world that knows what it was like to grow Peach in her stomach – they couldn’t find common ground.

And so, both in tears, Whitney and Zack made the decision to leave each other alone – but is that for the best?

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