Will in deadly danger as he cheats on Kim in Emmerdale ahead of wedding?

Emmerdale’s Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is playing with fire when it comes to Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) and Kim (Claire King) will make damn sure he gets burned.

There is trouble in paradise for Will and Kim ahead of their wedding thanks to little Millie (Willow Bell) and her outrageous lies that have seen Dawn (Olivia Bromley) cast out of the family home.

Will is quietly fuming at Kim and questioning their nuptials, while Harriet is secretly hoping that this is the fly in the ointment that could help her get her man.

Kim is devastated that Will is avoiding her and when Millie goes to Hazel’s, she realises just how big the chasm that has opened between her and her fiancé. Things only get worse when Dawn refuses to attend their wedding and Will’s resentment grows. Kim realises there is only one thing for it – swallow her pride and speak to Dawn herself.

This leads to her and Will reconciling, but Will is now experiencing serious doubts over whether this is the woman he wants to spend his life with if she can behave in such a way so flippantly.

Harriet must sense his weakening resolve as the next day, she jumps at the chance to remind Will that if he weds Kim, he’ll lose Dawn – chucking him a Sophie’s Choice that could ultimately send him her way.

Kim finds out Harriet has been meddling in her relationship and naturally, doesn’t take it very well. She confronts the police officer and in true Kim style issues a terrifying threat.

Harriet wastes no time in relaying this to Will, which no doubt will influence whether he still wants to wed his bride. But with old Kim reappearing, he’s dicing with danger. She is not about to allow herself to be made a fool of and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Will her fury see Will’s life in danger?

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