Chilling words of girl, 14, after she 'killed her wheelchair-bound sister, 19, by stabbing her in the NECK’ | The Sun

THE chilling words of a 14-year-old alleged killer have been revealed after her wheelchair-bound sister was violently stabbed in the neck.

Claire Miller, now 16, reportedly told a police officer, "I Michael Myers'd my sister" after the disabled victim was found dead with a knife in her neck, prosecutors say.

Police found Helen Miller, 19, brutally stabbed after they responded to a "hysterical" 1am phone call from Claire in February 2021.

When Pennsylvania cops arrived at the house, Claire opened the door and told them "I stabbed my sister," police said after the incident.

She then directed officers to a bedroom where Helen was laying motionless.

Police found Helen, who had cerebral palsy and was non-verbal, with a large knife sticking out of her neck.

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Over a year later, Claire's fate is under discussion at a hearing that seeks to determine whether she will face a homicide trial in adult court or be allowed to move to juvenile court, WGAL reported.

Pennsylvania law requires all homicide cases to go through adult courts, but the defendant's lawyer has claimed Claire was in a state of psychosis during the event and is petitioning for her rehabilitation in juvenile court.

Robert Beyer, Claire's lawyer, brought psychiatrists to court who claimed that the alleged killer had been experiencing auditory hallucinations at the time of Helen's death.

However, a Manheim Township police officer testified that Claire showed no signs of distress while he watched over her in juvenile detention.

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According to the criminal complaint against Claire, the person who called 911 "said she 'killed her sister' and she was 'hysterical' on the phone."

Upon arrival at the home the night of the murder, an officer "was waved down by a female, later identified as the defendant Claire Elaina Miller, who was standing in front of the residence."

The officer said Claire "repeatedly said 'I stabbed my sister,'" with the officer observing "what appeared to be blood on the snow near the driveway of the residence."

The complaint read: "Miller appeared to be attempting to wash her hands in the snow," and she "also had what appeared to be blood on her pants."

The cop who watched over Claire testified that she told him she loved horror movies after hearing a notification on his phone that played the theme song from the slasher movie Halloween.

"I Michael Myers'd my sister," she said, according to cop John Martin.

Martin also said Claire was overjoyed after officials brought her fast food to juvenile detention.

"Oooh, McDonald's," Martin said, allegedly quoting Claire.

"I'd have killed someone sooner if I knew I'd get McDonald's."

Psychiatrists have given Claire a multitude of diagnoses and testified that she was likely stabbing something in a hallucination when Helen was killed.

The coroner's office shared in court that Helen was stabbed twice in the chest, twice in the jaw, and three times in the neck.

Claire asked to be excused from the courtroom while the autopsy report was read, WGAL reported.

Psychiatrists said Claire heard voices the night of Helen's murder and the hallucinations led her to stab a "female voice" she said was taunting her.

Prosecutors and the defense argued over whether Claire could be rehabilitated if she was tried in juvenile court.

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The judge is set to make a decision on how she will be tried on July 18.

She will be held at the county's Youth Intervention Center until then.

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