This Is What Princess Charlotte Whispered to Prince George at Queen Elizabeths Funeral

The two eldest children of Prince and Princess of Wales play important role during the Queen’s state funeral, walking alongside their parents behind the coffin during the procession at Westminster Abbey.

AceShowbiz -Prince George and Princess Charlotte played important roles at Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral. As the youngest mourners to take part in the solemn, day-long occasion, the two young royals stole attention, such as when they had a little chat during the procession at Wellington Arch.

In a clip from the funeral, held on Monday, September 19 local time, the two eldest children of Prince and Princess of Wales stood alongside their parents in the front row as the Queen’s coffin was about to be transferred from a carriage to a hearse. The 7-year-old princess appeared to give an instruction to her elder brother about the royal protocol as she can be seen telling the 9-year-old prince, “You need to bow,” when the coffin went past them. The second in line for the throne listened attentively and nodded to his sister’s instruction.

At her young age, Charlotte appears to be an expert in royal protocols. Back in June, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, she also reminded her brother to fix his posture during the national anthem.

As “God Save the Queen” played, George was spotted placing his hand on the balcony ledge. Charlotte then nudged her brother’s arm, prompting the prince to correct himself by standing up straight and putting his arms by his side.

George and Charlotte arrived together with their mother Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey for the state funeral. They walked behind the Queen’s coffin during the procession inside the church.

It was reportedly their own decision to take part in the elaborate ceremony to honor their late great-grandmother. According to a report, there was a conversation between the Wales couple with their children whether they were going to participate, and the young royals were up to it.

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